Class Schedule




  • 11:00 am-12:30 pm Yin Yoga and Meditation at Orleans Yoga, Orleans



Yin Yoga & Meditation: A meditative yoga practice that targets the Yin Tissues or Connective Tissues of the body – the Ligaments, Bones & Joints, which require gentle pressure applied for a period of time in order to regrow & strengthen those tissues which shrink as we age. Increased range of motion for the muscles, regaining space & strength in the joints,  moving the energy in our body and increasing the health of our organs are a few of the benefits of Yin Yoga.

Yin & Yang Yoga: This class balances the more meditative style of Yin yoga with the traditional active Yang Yoga. Yin Yoga consists of postures held for longer periods of time in order to penetrate deep into the connective tissues of the body (joints, ligament, bones and muscle fascia) to help strengthen & increase range of motion, aid in healing and improve energy flow.  Yang yoga consists of fluid movement and yoga postures linked by the breath and develops muscular strength, balance and flexibility.  You will leave class feeling more calm, grounded and fluid.  All levels welcome.